How 10K became 9K

Thank you to the volunteers and partners people that pulled off an amazing last minute change to the 10K course to keep the event going. And thank you to the residents of West Dallas for allowing us to take over their streets on short notice.

And thank you to you! You turned our planned 10K into the funnest 9K in the world! You are pioneers! And it's a safe bet that you scored a 9K PR :) 
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The Trinity River Levee Run has had its share of weather related challenges over the years - mud, wind, flooding, cold, more wind, rain... did we mention wind? That's a fun part of this event. The runners who join us each year aren't average runners, they are leaders, running where few others run, showing everyone what is possible with this wonderful green space right in the heart of Big D. These are runners with a Dallas attitude.

But the challenges this year were exceptional. Two weeks of snow, ice, and rain made it impossible to safely keep the 10K course that was designed for this year. The weather had turned parts of the course into a mud pit. 

The decision was made at noon the day before the race that we would not be able to keep the 10K course as planned. We would not be able to safely provide support - most importantly medical aid - along the east side of the Trinity River, a large part of the planned 10K course. 

This was a difficult decision. The 10K course designed for this year was the best in our 11 years, taking advantage of the entire Trinity Skyline Trail, giving runners a taste of the levee tops that this run began on, crossing the new Continental Pedestrian Bridge, and a spectacular finish on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

The decision was made to reroute onto Canada Drive. We thank the citizens of West Dallas for allowing us to use one of their major streets on short notice. Due to the short notice we were not able to go far enough on Canada to make it to 10K. Doing so would have blocked homes and driveways.

Here's the course two weeks before the race:


Here's the course the day before the race


Maps of the 9K course and the planned 10K courses are below. The 5K course was unchanged.

TRLR 2015 9K

Thank you to everyone that made this happen.